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5.0 KGM
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2x Concentrated formulation has TWICE the enzyme power in every gram. (Up to 113 washes per 5kg Box & 226 washes per 10kg) Amazing stain removal first time with built in pre-treaters. Contains no phosphates. Suitable for Top Loaders Loaders_x000D_
Packaging Material
Fibre (Paperboard)
Storage Instructions
Store in cool dry place
Ingredients: To lift dirt and stains - anionic and nonionic surfactants, and soap. To whithen and brighten - optical brighteners. To break down and remove stains - enzymes. To disperse fatty soils - alkalis. To suspend dirt and soften water - sodium carbonate and sodium sulphate, zeolite, sequestrant and polymer. To remove odours and leave long lasting freshness- perfume. A small amount of colour is included.
GM Ingredients Used
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