You can count on Campbells

The one thing you need in food service is a reliable wholesale partner. Not just someone who delivers the products and produce, but someone who understands your business and can help you succeed.
That’s what we do at Campbells.
Our proud Aussie heritage dates back to 1933 when wholesale merchant Alex Campbell first opened his doors. Campbells today is part of the Metcash Group with an Australia-wide network of 16 stores and representatives in every state across the country.
Our extensive range, one of the largest in the wholesale market, covers everything from food and fresh meat to hospitality equipment and office supplies.
Our new Markethall offer provides the perfect paddock to plate solution for all your meat needs, while our exclusive Essentials brand combines quality and value in a wide variety of products designed specifically to meet the needs of the foodservice industry. And to help you save and budget, we ‘Price Freeze’ hundreds of key products and lock them down low for 3 months.
Shopping at Campbells is simple and free; all you need is an Australian Business Number (ABN) number to register. Then order online or visit any of our conveniently located stores. New customers can take advantage of a ‘Temporary’ Pass – just bring in your ABN and we’ll sign you up. 
But above all at Campbells, we work harder to make your job easier. We don’t just want to deliver the goods, we want to deliver outstanding service and wholesale solutions you can count on every day.