Delivery Information



1. Orders

Your order has been received when the goods have been selected, placed in your shopping basket and the order successfully submitted online.

2. Delivery of Goods

Goods will be delivered to you no later than 5 business days from your order being received.
The goods ordered will be delivered to the address provided on your Credit Application Form. If this is no longer the address for delivery, please advise us before placing an order.

If you haven't informed us prior to placing your order online, and delivery is completed to your address on file, responsibility for the goods passes to you.

If any of the goods you have ordered are not delivered, it may be due to stock unavailability, and Clause 5 applies.

3. Delivery of Tobacco and Liquor Products

Australian Law prescribes that orders including tobacco and/or liquor can only be placed and/or delivered to a person who meets the minimum age requirements. Campbells retains the right to refuse delivery of liquor to any person who is not at least 18 years of age.

4. Unavailable stock

Whilst Campbells will try its best to ensure that the goods you order are supplied to you, there may be times when stock is unavailable. This may be due to the product ordered being out of stock, or your order may be higher than our stock holding including lines marked for deletion. 
If we are unable to fulfil your order, you will be called to advise of the short delivery, or offered a substitute product. 
If any products you have ordered are unavailable, you will not be charged for the product.

5. Returns or refunds

If the goods you have received are damaged, or if you are not satisfied with their quality, you must contact the Campbells store that supplied the goods within 24 hours of receiving them to register your request for credit or return. Once notified, the store will arrange for you to return the goods or issue a credit.

Please be aware that return requests due to over-ordering may incur a restocking fee.




Cash account customers can select from two options only:
1. Print Order Only - Find your items online, and print your shopping list in store. This shopping list makes it easy to navigate the store and find your items.
2. Assemble Order - For an additional charge, one of the Campbells team will assemble your order, pack it in boxes, ready for you to pick up.